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Porcelain(crystal) is mainly composed of two minerals, wollastonite and calcite. These types of stones are limestone masses that have recrystallized due to internal factors, such as temperature and pressure, and their granulation is crystalline, which is visible to the naked eye; therefore it is called crystal and is considered as a metamorphic stone.

Porcelain stones vary in different parts of the earth in terms of metamorphism and chemical composition.

Porcelain stone often has large crystalline grains. These coarse crystals distinguish porcelain from sedimentary carbonate rocks. It is correct to use chrysalis stone for the exterior view. Porcelain stone is not as absorbent as travertine or non-stick granite in terms of water absorption and adhesion of slurry. Porcelain is the main material of the facades of many old buildings, especially in the tropics, because its light color protects the building from high heat absorption. The weather resistance of this stone is moderately good and considerable, and in some quarries, porcelain stone can compete with travertine and granite. This stone, like other types of stones, is offered to the market in different qualities, and the whiter stone is more expensive.

Crystal stone is beautiful, bright and with high variety in pattern has attracted many fans.

In the stone industry, crystal stone is mainly available in the range of dark gray to light with black or yellow streaks. The usage of this stone has flourished significantly in recent years; architects use it in building facades, stairs and staircases, floor stones in interiors such as lobbies, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, countertops and cabinet stones. The most important parameter of crystal stone is the physical and chemical analysis of that stone, and the closer the crystal stone analysis is to the desired level, has higher quality and higher price.

Crystal or porcelain stones have different types that are sorted after cutting and polishing. The type of stone processing has a decisive role in the price.

Accuracy in cutting and angularity of the stone, the amount of sub and polishing of the stone and the type of packaging and transportation will affect the price of crystal stones. The quality of the crystal stone is very influential in determining its price, and sometimes the grade of similar super stones is less expensive than grade 2 of the same stone.


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